I have the science on how to end this COVID-19 pandemic in 2 weeks

I, Wenbin Zhao, had posted 6 versions of my paper about how to end this COVID-19 pandemic quickly on Medium at wenbinzhao65.medium.com from Aug. 11, 2020 to Dec. 10, 2020, my conclusion is that wearing cotton gloves and masks simultaneously can end this COVID-19 pandemic in two weeks, and I posted a paper providing the evidence showing that I’m much wiser than Dr. Anthony Fauci on the transmission of respiratory pathogens on March 11, 2021.

My children wearing cotton gloves and masks simultaneously to protect them when they were out of home in spring of 2020 in Xi’an, China

Now, I want to emphasize that I have the science on my cotton glove conclusion and other theories discussed in my previous papers.

I know almost all people don’t trust me, and many people think my cotton glove conclusion is just like former president Donald Trump’s suggestion to inject disinfectant into people’s body. Now I want to say that Donald Trump is not a scientist, and in fact, he is an idiot on science, but I, Wenbin Zhao, am indeed a scientist, and in fact, I’m a scientist of genius. So my cotton glove conclusion is scientific, and I have the science on my conclusion, the science is pretty strong and strong enough to make me be sure that we need not to do any experiment to test my conclusion. But Donald Trump’s suggestion is ridiculous. So please separate my scientific conclusion from Donald Trump’s ridiculous suggestion.

I’m a Chinese, maybe my English expression is not good or inappropriate to discuss my points of view in my papers, and maybe my poor English makes people feel like my paper is not reliable. But please remember, my conclusion is absolutely right, wearing cotton gloves and masks simultaneously can absolutely end this COVID-19 pandemic in 2 weeks.

Now let me show the science on my conclusion as follows:

Before this COVID-19 pandemic, health experts always advised people how to block the flu in every fall and winter, health experts only warned of the flu on hard and smooth surfaces, like door knobs and elevator buttons, and they never mentioned the flu on soft and rough surfaces, like our clothes, why?

Did the flu only go to hard and smooth surfaces, it did not go to our clothes’ surface? Certainly not.

I started thinking about these questions a couple of years ago after I knew health experts told the people to wash hands and not to touch our face when I watched ABC News.

I thought the flu can absolutely arrive on every surface, including hard and smooth surfaces and soft and rough surfaces, but we only need to pay attention to the flu on hard surfaces, we needn’t to pay any attention to the flu on soft and rough surfaces, the reason is as follows:

I drew the following theory in March 2020.

Plentiful Fibers Can Capture Small Particles Theory: When small particles are pressed into or strike plentiful fibers, these small particles will be captured by fibers, and it will not be easy for these small particles to drop off from the fibers.

To understand this Theory, we can observe these phenomena. If you touch a hard and smooth surface with your fingers and slide on it, like the top of a table in your bedroom, then you look at your fingers, you might find some dust on your fingers. But if you touch a cloth surface, like your quilt on your bed in the same bedroom, with your fingers and slide on it, even if the quilt has as much dust on it as the table does, you can’t find dust on your fingers. Everybody can try this.

The table and the quilt are in the same room, they should have the same quantity of dust on every square centimeter, but the fact is that we can pick up some dust from the top of the table, and we can’t pick up dust from the quilt. Why?

When you touch a hard and smooth surface like the top of your table, there are no fibers and no fiber interstices, there is not space for the dust to hide in, and so your fingers can pick the dust up. When you touch a cloth surface like your quilt, there are a lot of fibers and fiber interstices on the quilt, you can press the dust into the fiber interstices, the dust hides in the cloth, so it’s hard for you to pick up the dust.

According to the above theory, our hands can’t pick up the flu and other virus from a soft and rough surface, like our clothes’ surface. That’s the reason why health experts did not mention the flu on our clothes, but they did not why, they did not know this theory and they still have not known this theory, they need to learn my theory.

Why can’t we use plentiful fibers to capture the virus on hard surfaces?

I think we sure can, Cotton gloves are the best tool to do this job, they can protect the people who are wearing them, and they can also protect the people who may touch the surfaces which have been wiped by a cotton glove. This is really a good idea.

Health experts reminded people to wash hands to prevent the flu and COVID-19, but washing hands has loopholes, we can’t wash hands every minute, we can’t guarantee that we will not touch our face before we wash off the virus transferred from a hard and smooth surface to our hand when we touched such contaminated surface, and the virus on our hands may drop off from our hand and get into the air again and make the air dangerous, these are apparently existing loopholes, and because of these loopholes COVID-19 pandemic is going on.

All health experts have not realized that the spread of COVID-19 or other respiratory pathogens is exactly a matter of very tiny objects lingering and moving in the air, a matter of very tiny objects transferring between different surfaces, and a matter of these very tiny objects dropping off from a surface and getting back into the air. These are physics matters, medical experts don’t know very well physics, so they made a lot of mistakes.

We know western health experts did nor recommend healthy people to wear masks at the beginning of this pandemic, and because of their ignorance on how mask works, there have been many … many more cases and deaths in western countries.

To fight COVID-19, I also improved the past Filtration Theory in March 2020.

Filtration Theory: When a fluid containing particles goes through a filter bed, especially fibrous filter bed, the filter bed can block a lot of the particles which are smaller than the interstices on the filter bed surface. And the filter bed is thicker the chance of small particles passing through it is less, double the thickness of the filter bed the chance of small particles passing through it will be the second power of the original chance.

According to my improved Filtration Theory, all kinds of fibrous masks work.

As I stated above, the virus is only transmitted in only two ways, lingering and moving in the air and transferring between different surfaces, masks can block the virus in the air, washing hands can not completely block the virus on hard and smooth surfaces but cotton gloves can, and we know the virus can’r survive more than 2 weeks in our environment, if we block these two ways by cotton gloves and masks for two weeks, the virus will disappear automatically or be eradicated.

My idea is very simple, if health experts and physicists or engineers discuss my paper together, they will accept my idea quickly.

We can end this pandemic only depending on health experts.